Limousin bullThe EURASIA Ltd. team works with customers and suppliers to ensure products that meet the ever changing market demand. EURASIA Ltd primarily supplies pure breed and cross breed beef bulls - Charolais, Limousin, Hereford, Belgian Blue, Aberdeen Angus and Simmental - and specializes in providing the choicest premium beef livestock and meat. 

All bulls are selected according to market requirements or pre-ordered measurements. All our cattle are raised on our own hay and pasture; growth hormones have never been used on our farms, and we do not supplement the feed with antibiotics. EURASIA Ltd. ensures all necessary health analysis based on each country`s export requirements.

Charolais calvesEURASIA Ltd. farms work year-round to maintain healthy beef cattle growth. All cattle on the farms are evaluated by a professional veterinarian to ensure good health and quality care. All cattle are grouped by age and weight to facilitate the prospective buyer`s choice. This procedure is part of our product and service quality policy which brings buyers back year after year.

Our strategic plan is to deliver a high quality products that meet the individual needs of each customer, as well as to respond to the demands of the changing beef cattle market. 

EURASIA Ltd. has high reputation for quality and value, offering an extensive Limousine bullrange of beef livestock and meat products including:

  • Beef slaughter bulls
  • Beef fattening bulls
  • Beef carcass meat
  • Pregnant heifers

EURASIA Ltd.`s inventory changes weekly. Please see what we currently offering from LATEST OFFER part!